About Advantage Inspections

Full-Time Home Inspector
for More Than 2 Decades

Hi, my name is Dwayne Ott, & I founded Advantage Inspection Services with homebuyers and homeowners in Central Pennsylvania in mind. I have been a full-time home inspector since 1998 and have inspected thousands of homes over the years. I started my business with a simple concept: to inspect every home as if one of my daughters were purchasing it.

Experience Matters!

I have a background in electrical engineering, quality management, home construction, and renovation. This experience provided me with useful knowledge about how a home and all of its components work and function together as a whole. I previously worked as a quality control manager, a position which honed my attention to details. But, my single best qualification is 20+ years of inspection experience. My understanding and hands-on experience allows me to identify problems and explain them to my customers. My goal has never been to do the most home inspections, only the best.

I provide detailed, unbiased, and objective inspections that customers are encouraged to attend, easy to understand custom reports, and customer service, even after the home inspection.

Professional Credentials

I am an American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) certified inspector. ASHI is the leading professional organization for home inspectors. ASHI requires a minimum of 20 continuing education units annually. In addition to this membership, I hold the following degrees, certificates, and licenses:

If you are looking for a professional and objective home inspection, call Dwayne Ott today to schedule your appointment.

American house exterior with double garage and well kept lawn.